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Such a beautiful night, isn't it?

30d99330c5dc1cc3c3bb11dce0c9eec1.jpgThere she was. Sitting in the dark. Waiting. Her hair smelled like those juicy fruits we have on summer afternoons, and her skin was as soft as a peach's. He had promised.

Alone in the night, reacting to the slightest move and sound far away in the distance, feeling so miserable everytime a car made her believe he might be back. He had promised.

Never betray her. After all she trusted him. One hour passed by. Maybe two. Or more.

Climb on the roof. Look at the stars. Just like that other night. She knew the air was warm and humid but she felt so cold without him. After a moment she realised there was no sound and a tear was falling from her eye. She looked into the sky, but all she could see was clouds and the stars were gone.

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